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Podcast Ep 10 – Dicks, Dating Advice and Anal Wednesday! above to watch and listen to the podcast via our youtube channel) above to just listen to the podcast)Today we're going to discuss...

Lara Croft Cosplay

This cosplay was fun to do! The shorts were more like butt floss but I don't think many of the guys will mind!

The Queen B BTS

Our first behind the scenes video for Patreon! This video starts off with Bryci detailing what we're doing for this shoot and then the video itself, is a small Sony RX100 V attached via JOBY gorillapod to the top of the closet door. So you truly are a fly on the wall.

Lara Croft Shoot with Bryci

Today Bryci played dress up and she decided Lara Croft was what she wanted to do.

Podcast Bonus 001 – Crazy Porn Fantasy Requests

This is one of our bonus podcasts!

Podcast Ep 9 – Thick Booty, Shyness and Real v Fake

On today's podcast we discuss realistic expectations, advice for a listener and her husband and we introduce you to your new word of the day; THASS.

New Bikini + Undies Try On bikini - - - the uncut version: Listen to our Podcast on your favorite podcast software! your fav...

Podcast Ep 8 – The Emergency Room Trip

We went to Vegas, baby and here's what went down! We also hung out with Alexis Monroe and then we met Tara Babcock and J! Then we had a hospital scare where JD was in emergency and they made him sleep over for 2 days!

NEVER HAVE I EVER WITH BRYCI… in a bikini in a... sure you watch the other video in this series here:'s links are below!THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! YOU ARE WONDERFUL! ------------------------- My Patreon, home of...

Drink and Tell with Tara Babcock!

It finally happened! We've known each other forever... well just go watch my BTS vlog with her a couple videos back. In this video we play drinking game Drink and Tell (it's a phone app) and we learn some crazy stuff about each other, laugh, and drink too much. PLUS we filmed a too-hot-for-youtube LEWD video for our patreon!