Monthly Archives: February 2018

Isaac Ankomah is a Scammer

We received an email this morning from a nice guy that also was scammed by a guy in Ghana using Bryci photos. This time, Isaac Ankomah is the scammer. He steals images of Bryci, he pretends to be her on dating sites and then moves you to Google Hangouts as quick as possible.

Is Romance Needed for GOOD SEX?

What do YOU think? Do you need romance to have good sex? Have you ever experienced romance with sex? What are your favorite ways to romance your lover?

SEX DEMONS + how to slay!

Viewer question for this weeks sex talk video! It's a long one so buckle in, but it's a GREAT one. Lots of us have sex demons, psychological fuckery that we deal with because of bad past sexual experiences. Let's talk about how I got over mine!

Petite Curvy Girl Lingerie Show!

Petite Curvy Girl Lingerie Show!

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