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Watching PORN during a blowjob?

Viewer question time! I was asked, is it ok to watch porn during a blowjob? This question came from a younger girl, in response to her boyfriend enjoying porn during sex or blowjobs.

Escante and Panache New Curvy Lingerie Fan Mail!

Escante and Panache New Curvy Lingerie Fan Mail!


Let's get real. Does the pull out method really work in sex? Can you get pregnant with the pull out method?

Curvy Girl Lingerie? I don’t know!

Curvy Girl Lingerie? I don't know!

CameraPorn! Is THIS The Best POV Lens?

Let's talk about what camera lens I use when shooting POV (point of view) videos with my wife Bryci.  I personally own all this equipment and I wasn't sponsored to make this post.

Sex Talk: How to FINGER her!

It might seem simple, but let's cover it all! How to finger a girl? Fingering tips for sex? I've got you covered!

Best Christmas Wrapping Ever.

Best Christmas Wrapping Ever.

PornHub Christmas Gifts and Sony 24-105mm F4.0 Unboxing!

Pornhub sent us an early Christmas gift and we unbox the new Sony 24-105mm F4.0 Lens to go with our Sony A7riii

Sony A7Riii Unboxing and Quick Impressions

Sony A7riii Unboxing and Quick Impressions on it compared to the Sony Ar7ii. ps - I am now selling my Sony A7rii if you're interested!

SEX on your PERIOD?

We've all wondered, but no one talks about it! How do you have sex on your period? Here are my tips and tricks to having sex on your period!

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