Monthly Archives: March 2016

A day in the life of a pornstar couple!

Sometimes when you're having a rough day, you have to blow it all off and go have some fun.

Pornstar Vlogger Newbie!

JD's first vlog! I took you for a drive in my Viper and talked about how to get into porn... sort of... and then Bryci takes you behind the scenes getting ready.

You Ate What?!

Expiry dates are more suggestions, not so much written in stone.

A Porn Stars Real Life!

Ever wonder what a normal day for someone that works in adult is?

Porn Star Make Up Tips and Tricks

If you're looking to surprise your spouse with a home made sex tape, you've got to watch this video for my tips on perfecting your filming makeup!

Official Bryci Profiles

Bryci gets her photos stolen a great deal by fakers/catfish and used to scam guys etc. We created this video back in 2016 so some of the things are outdated. If you are unsure what a faker or catfish is, please check the "fakers" section here.