Pornhub + BRYCI = AWARD!

Pornhub sent us a gift for hitting 50,000 subscribers! We started the channel in Sept 2017 and by Nov 1, 2017 – 50,000 subs! WHAT THE FUUUUU… (the channel existed for a year before this but we hadn’t really uploaded anything so we didn’t really start getting views/subs until we started to push it) As […]


Abena Abigail

Abena Abigail is a man from Africa that is trying to scam you by posting Bryci images on various social platforms. We’ve found three and sent off DMCA notices to have them banned because, well, stupid fakers. Needless to say, Bryci is not Abina Abby or Abena Abigail. Just the fact that this derp uses two spellings […]



D23 Expo 2017

Bryci and I recently traveled over 62 hours in our Jeep to drive from Western Canada down to the D23 Expo in Anaheim, California. We met up with Katie Banks and TC Davidson down there for the three days we were in California. The trip was long, and there is a story for sure behind […]

Behind the Scenes