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Day dates, whether you are with someone or even by yourself, can be such an important part of life.  Taking a break from your usual day to day stresses can help things like sleep, anxiety and just your general outlook.  With restaurants shut down right now, grabbing some take out with your favorite food and finding a place to relax and eat is an easy way to get away...


It's been a while, sorry about that! I was struck with the want to show you how beautiful it was when we were out adventuring in the forest, and all I had on me was my iPhone.  I'm telling myself it lends an authentic real life quality to the vlog. James wanted to snap some photos of the jeep and I just love wandering around hiking in nature so off...

Winter Roundup

Thankfully it's been a pretty mild winter here in Western Canada, and it's almost over.  It feels like spring and that reminded me that I haven't done a monthly life update since December.  The winter months are cold and dark, and especially with covid restrictions still in place we haven't been going out much.  Spending most of our time netflix and chilling, we've been binging some shows and checking...

No Bake Protein Cookies for Breakfast

I'll say it, I am not a morning person.  I stumble through making tea or coffee just to wake up, and usually I am lucky enough to have my husband bring it home for me instead.  Thinking about making breakfast is just not on the table. This year though I've been focused on cutting out processed foods and have been coming up with the laziest easiest healthiest recipes.  They require...

Our 2020 and What It REALLY Taught us!

Today we look back on the dumpster fire that was 2020 and talk about what lay ahead for us in 2021!




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