Bryci won an AVN Award!

Bryci and I were in Las Vegas this past January for Internext and then the AEE/AVN show.

Internext is where the webmasters, companies and producers all gather to compare notes and see how we can work with one another. See if someone fits what we’re doing and how we can use them to become better etc. There are seminars, luncheons, it’s pretty great meeting some of your online friends you’ve worked with for awhile but never met face to face.

AEE/ AVN is Adult Entertainment Expo (think – sex toys etc) and then AVN is Adult Video News.

the AVN show is touted as the Oscars of the Porn industry. It’s hard to win an AVN, or so we’d told. In fact, we were told – Canadians never win AVN awards. Has never happened apparently and we heard this from multiple people that work in porn.

BellaPass (and all within BellaPass) was nominated for 9 awards in total.

So off to the awards we went…

We did the whole red carpet thing as well! That was trippy as fuck.. kind of cool though. I filmed a video about if curious.

Photo credit: Glenn Francis

Bryci, Alexis Monroe and Katie Banks

So if you watched the video above… you know that we left the awards show early.

Bryci was sicker than fak and we figured.. well, honor to be nominated. We won’t win anything so no speech needed.

We went back to Mr Lucky’s, had a bad ass Banana Split:

So we go back to the room, we’re packing because we leave for Canada the next day…

All of a sudden, Bryci’s phone starts blowing up. Marley Brinx txts saying congrats.. then others… congrats!!!

Marley from a previous post – seen here

Waitcongrats? wot?

We thought for sure it was a joke.

Nope. Not a joke.

Bryci won for Best Solo Girl Website!

So Marley told us where to go to get the award…


I am still blown away.

Bryci did an unboxing video on this…

So yeah.. Vegas was CRAZY!

We accomplished a lot of things and you know that smokin hot blonde up there with Bryci and Katie?

Alexis Monroe… we filmed/met her in Jan 2016.

(more here)

Alexis is one of the new BellaPass ladies!

So will be going live shortly!

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