What equipment do we use? – vlog 023

I get asked often what equipment we use for shooting.. so I put this video together to help answer some of the questions. I try and cover all the bases with this, from shooting stills to video.

After watching this, by my own admission, I was tired and lifeless so sorry for the monotone vid!

I’ll try and get better!

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  1. Alexis

    Am still really considering a Sony for the near future, especially for Landscape stuff, due to it’s size and weight. I carried my D750 & 24 – 70 f2.8 on a hike in Australia and it almost killed me (Granted I had 25 kgs of tents and other gear on my back, but the camera and lens contributed around 3 – 4 kgs on top of that weight)

    • JD

      I remember my Nikon gear all too well and I can tell you without question, the Sony stuff is lighter. Sadly, pricey as fack. We’re going to bump up ourselves here shortly video wise.. I just ordered a Sony FS5. I’ll be doing an unboxing video when it arrives.


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