What’s going on BTS lately?


Bellaland is still just as busy as ever, if not more so!  We’ve sort of been a bit quiet online lately I suppose, we’ve had a lot of at-home work we’ve had to take care of, what’s up with all these adult responsibilities popping up!?  They’re getting done, soon the fur kids will have a beautiful yard to play in for the summer.

I have been spending quality time in the sun to keep my Mexican tan.

IMG_2481 IMG_2483

Hey, it’s hard work staying sexy for you guys. 😛

In addition to all the at-home stuff we’ve been dealing with, we’re also still going gangbusters filming new scenes for our site Bryci.com as well as getting DVD’s ready.  Did you know we’re putting out a DVD each month? (You can always see our entire DVD catalogue here)  Don’t worry, if you aren’t a fan of DVD’s all the content will be soon live for Bryci.com members 🙂

We… well to be honest, JD has been working his tail off on the BellaPass network relaunch for the past few months.. wait, 6 months now? YIKES!  What can I say, there is a shitload of work to be done behind the scenes, it takes a wizard to do the shit he does and I can’t wait until it’s done!  not only because it’s going to be fantasticly amazing, but he won’t be working until 5am almost every night anymore.  Ah it comes with the webmaster territory, I don’t think that will ever end.

So while JD has been busy in coding land, I’ve been working on the house and getting scenes planned and prepped which is exciting!  I absolutely love coming up with new ideas, some that will push our boundaries, others that just get my pussy so wet even thinking about them.  Yessssss I sure do love our wild ride.

Today I am listing new goodies up for auction to make room for new shoot gear, and I am looking for mexican recipes because I just cannot.get.enough. of that goodness.  YUM!!!!

Hope you lovelies are having a crazy fucking awesome day, it’s FRIDAY!!! 😀