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One of the things we love most about our job, is fan mail. We love hearing how our videos make people feel. Porn is  very personal thing so when someone is inspired to write us, it makes us feel like we’re doing something right.

When Bryci and I started her website, in 2009, we were flooded with emails from guys online telling us what we had to do, what we needed to do, what they wanted us to do. While we appreciated the ideas, we generally chose to do what we wanted to do rather than listen to others.

It wasn’t that we didn’t appreciate our fans, of course we did.. but we knew if we didn’t do what made us happy, we’d be calling it quits pretty fast.  I’m sure you can recall a time where you’re doing something and someone else steps in and tells you how to do it and you think.. ummm… nooooo…. I’ve got this, but thanks. Sort of like that.

We still get these emails, and again, we appreciate the enthusiasm bigtime but we’re still doing what makes us hot and bothered. I’ve often said to others, do what makes you happy and your content will find it’s own audience. We know we’re not Brazzers or some of the other huge studios. We love those guys, we’re actually paying members of their network! (we pay for our porn). We’re just some normal-ish couple next door and we’re trying t make porn that we like. That’s it, no special recipe.

So when we started doing DVD’s.. I am sure some people thought… dude. wtf. That’s about as not couple next door as you can be, right? So much for Bryci and JD being normal people, they’ve gone over to the try and be real porn stars side now. Yes, we heard this from one or two people. Actually I saw some people say it online, so you know, it must be true.

Nope, not true.

We’re still the normal people we were before. We’re just upping our fun level and trying to show more people what we do, via DVD distribution. DVD for us is another way to promote ourselves.

Don’t believe things you read online, just go to the source and ask them. Earlier in the month, some guy even posted Bryci was quitting to do youtube videos full time. LOLOL nope. Here’s her take on this.


This morning, I got this awesome email and I wanted to share it with you. I won’t edit it in the least other than shortening his name to a single letter for privacy of course.

The email is in response to our second DVD, Bryci’s Secrets. I’ll pin their email between the covers so you know what it was about.


Hi James,

I hadn’t really heard of Bryci and yourself until a couple of weeks ago when I saw an advert for your “Bryci’s Secrets” DVD on adultdvdempire, watched the trailer, thought it looked pretty promising and decided to give it a try. Having watched it a couple of times now, I’m really glad I did. You guys produce some great content.

In particular, the scene where Bryci plays the role of a pizza girl attempting to make up for her mishap was my favourite. I like how you used accessories and really fleshed out the story before getting to the sex rather than taking the easy way out by having a minute’s intro and getting straight to it, so props for that.

You guys maintained the power dynamic really well throughout the scene and you could tell Bryci was willing to do whatever you wanted to avoid a complaint to her manager and you took full advantage with the facefucking and hard sex. Watching her gag whilst you grabbed her pigtails and forcefully pounded her throat was something special. Good use of the multiple camera angles too so we always had the best view but not cutting so often it was dizzying, which is a fine balance to strike.

If the size of the cumshot is an indication of the quality of the blowjob, that must have been one of the best blowjobs ever because the load you produced was huge. A couple of inches further forward when shooting and it could’ve been a candidate for best facial of the year – I love the way you chastised Bryci for shying away after the initial blast and pulled her closer haha.

If the scene were to end there it’d be a solid 9/10 but for you to turn her around – with her mouth and chin still covered in cum – and fuck her to a creampie was the icing on (or should I say in) the cake.

Fantastic stuff man, bravo.




That made me smile!

A few snaps from the Pizza girl scene he loved – (click for larger size)


Here’s the the full DVD trailer for Bryci’s Secrets if you have not seen it. You can order a signed copy from us if you wish, or a regular copy from our store here: – YES – the scenes will be coming to as well shortly. For more info as to when etc, and how the whole dvd/website time frame thing works.. read this blog here.


We’re doing our best work but we think there is still a lot of great stuff coming. We ourselves are laughing, having far more fun. Giving less fucks seems to be the key to life all around. Have fun in what you do and you can’t go wrong!

It’s weird if I am being honest, to look over in the corner and see this huge box of our DVD’s waiting to be signed and sent out to fans. Just knowing we actually are creating porn that others are viewing and more so. enjoying, is fucking amazing to me. Bryci herself will tell you, she gets all kinds of turned on when she thinks about others watching us, loving what we’re doing.

Later this year (Nov area) we are headed down to the porn valley to shoot with 30-40-50-60 porn stars so if you have a favorite (or ten) – be sure to click contact and tell us which female porn stars you’d like to see us work with in the bedroom!

Also, keep those fan mails coming! They give us a kick in the ass and a make us can’t wait to jump in front of the camera again!  Email us by going to the contact link in the menu above or clicking here.

btw guys – our third DVd was just released this week!

My Cum Obsession DVD-fb

Available in as a signed copy in our store or online at

As always, THANK YOU for being here. Thank you for being a fan of what we do. Without you,  we would not be here!


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  1. Callum

    On the back of this review I decided to buy the Pizza Girl scene to see what all the fuss was about. I was kinda expecting it to be overhyped after all that build up but I can honestly say it’s in my opinion one of the best scenes so far this year.

    I was a bit surprised by the intensity of the blowjob (in a very good way). I expected your typical teasing BJ with some slow deepthroat added in but man you went to town on her! The way you could see Bryci’s throat expanding from the side-on view as you grabbed her head and facefucked her hard was incredible. I’ll definitely be on the lookout for your upcoming DVDs if there’s more of that on the way.

    I think I gotta echo S and say the highlight for me was the enormous (first) popshot. I liked the sneaky hand on the shoulder to get Bryci in the perfect position for the facial. I guess it’s a bit of a shame Bryci leaned back at the last second and you ended up only giving her a cum goatee, although if she hadn’t I suspect you may well have drowned her! More just kept on cumming – I’d love to know how you do it.


    • JD

      thanks for the review man! awesome hearing from fans so we know if we’re doing alright or not!


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