vidsCoWorkers being edited in 4K

Yes, @Bryci and I film our sex life and put it online at (<– 33% discount code)

We also run a Youtube channel and some people have started to try and understand why we do a youtube channel. I read one guy saying he talked to Bryci and she told him she quit her website and now she’s turning to youtube entirely.

umm.. no, she didn’t say this and no, he didn’t talk to her.

We’re doing the youtube thing for fun.

We’re trying to expand our audience a little, and no… it’s not because we think we can get rich being youtubers. lol. It’s more like.. hey, we’re a small dot on the internet, maybe we can expand that dot a little by reaching out and having fun doing vlogs on occasion.

We update weekly with new stuff and of course, gets updated daily with updates from all the sites inside Bellapass.

We shoot multiple angles for our videos in 4K often, and then we edit the vids and export them in a higher bit rate so you’re able to watch them on a 4K tv if you wanted and it’d be like you’re here with us.

We’re crazy like that.

I’ll most likely do a simple vlog on in the future showing you the camera stuff we use. Hey, maybe I help some other couple out there to have some funa nd they start filming their sex life? Maaaaaaybe they contact us and are like… HEY! WE’RE CRAZY FUCKS TOO! WE WANT TO BE PART OF BELLA!

We have some fun things coming for members of the network, that’s for sure… not one new site… but two. I’m getting ahead of myself here I guess.  Both of  these new Bella ladies are filming right now *for their new sites* so yes.. some fun is coming. 😉

Glad you guys are along for the ride!