Back to Work

Well, two weeks in Cancun and now, we’re getting back into the flow of things. In Cancun, I had dental surgery as I covered earlier in this blog. We were there for 15 days, and in that time, I had dental surgery and was at the dentist 3 or 4 of those days for appointments, crown mold creation, surgeries.  We shot 7 scenes when we were there as well.


Now to put that in perspective, if you take the days were there, and then subtract the dentist days from that, and then divide the remaining days by 7.. you’ll find we shot almost every day and a half, and this is while I am recovering from getting seven implants drilled into my jawbone, bone grafting, gums lanced, and new crowns.

Point being I guess, we worked our asses off, even while on ‘vacation’. I put that in quotes because it was vacation, but it was all business, or mostly business. Dentist + shooting and we love what we do so it didn’t seem like work, but we also didn’t lay around on the beach 24/7. (we should have tho, lol)

We’re fortunate to have gone, we kept looking around saying… wtf are we doing here… we’re IN CANCUN!

Sort of a weird.. never thought this would happen sort of thing. I mean come on, who the hell goes to Mexico for dental work? (this guy, and I’d do it again, no question)

Anyway… it’s late, I am encoding 4K vids for Bella.. time to sign off for now but I’ll leave you with some boobies…

Some sneak peaks of things coming to (33% off link) in the future.

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and of course… our next DVD is now entering final production, available in about one month!

My Cum Obsession DVD-fb

So yes, we’ve been busy!

Bryci went and started this summer sale on custom videos so we’ve been going crazy with those too. If you’d like your very own Bryci custom, be it solo, or hardcore.. head over to

Example.. this kick ass jerk off instruction (JOI) video she did for a fan… she did this WHILE IN CANCUN no less.



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Yes, we work and we work hard.

Maybe see you on cam sometime soon!


Members of get our cam archives in HD.. most are 2 hours or longer as well!