7 Implants

7 Impants

One thing I have learned lately, is how freaking ridiculous the costs of dental implants are in Canada and the US. If you’re unsure of what a dental implant is.. allow me to explain.

Imagine you have no tooth where a tooth should be for whatever reason (hockey) or you have a busted tooth or whatever. Dentists can remove the tooth, the root etc and then they screw in phase one of the implant. This goes into your jaw bone, then they pull your gum over the top of the screw head and stitch it.  Now you wait 4-6 months for your jaw to heal, the screw actually becomes part of your jaw and on occasion they will do some bone grafting to help things.


To do bone grafting, they take 2 or 3 vials of your blood. they then put it in a centrifuge and mix it with a synthetic compound that takes the palates from your blood to create bone.  They then use this compound to add girth to where the implant will be places. This is the jawbone is too thin where they need an implant placed. Not having a tooth in a certain location, over years, will cause the jawbone to deteriorate. There did this for me on two locations.


So the other day at the dentist, I had one tooth extracted because it had actually started to slant inwards towards my other teeth. There was no tooth to the right or left of it. (thank you hockey) so it was sort of a loner tooth, missing it’s buddies… started to slant over to hang out. This, of course, not good.

So they removed that tooth. They then added phase one of the implant (the gold screw you see above) to the left and right side of the extraction hole. They stitched up my gum so it can heal. This was the lower left jaw for me. On the right lower jaw, they added three implants. Then my upper left jaw, two implants. So all in all, one extraction, seven implants in one sitting.


In Canada, implants cost $3500-$4000 per implant. In Mexico, muuuch cheaper.  $2000 area per tooth. All depends on the type of implant you go with etc.

So I go back later this week to do the other stuff, I am getting six crowns, top row. At a later date I might do the bottom row. Not sure yet.

So then in 4-6 months we come back to Cancun, rumor has it this time with Katie Banks and TC Davidson and I get the rest of the implants fixed, the crowns being added, well.. the abutment and then crown, then a bridge over that extracted area we talked about earlier and for the first time in close to 20 years, I have a full set of teeth.

Holy balls.

So yes, I am happy. They took a mold of my teeth, plaster… they gave it to me when they were done so I’ll show you later. I shot some video with it today for our vlog channel, http://bryci.tv  (youtube channel and yes, it’s free) When you see the busted ass teeth I have been liing with, you’ll be all.. daaaaaamn son how you eat steak? (poorly would be the answer)

Check this pic I shot the other day of my Queen.


When you guys see the stuff we’re shooting lately… holy fuck balls. So hot.

My Cum Obsession

We also just closed on DVD #3 for release in May. It’s called My Cum Obsession and it’s crazy hot. It its streets May 23rd.


My Cum Obsession DVD-fb

Doing the DVD thing is definitely forcing us to rethink the way we process, the way we film, they way we fuck. I am finally able to start fucking now that my abs/hernia area is healed. With each DVD we shoot, the content gets hotter. All of this of course goes inside http://bryci.com don’t forget… so that’s cool.

A normal week for us is shaping up to be between 4-6 updates for just Bryci.com and then add in the other Bellas and yeah, always something to see.

I can’t give you many details but May 1, we are launching a new Bella site. I am certain you guys will be very very pleased. Join her site, get the entire network included. Join our site or one of the other Bella sites, get hers included. We don’t do upcharges with Bella. We do quality, we do ass kicking and ass licking. Booya!

I can’t wait to get home. We’ve got the new BellaPass network taking shape and it’s all kinds of awesome. So many great things coming in the next 30-60 days!

Ready to see the two trailers that I can’t stop watching?

Suicide Squad  (August 2016)

Dr Strange (November 2016)

Catch ya later all!

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  1. Mark

    That cover pic looks awesome!

    On the topic of cum, how do you deal with the shorter turn around between scenes when you’re shooting content for your website, your upcoming DVDs and custom videos pretty much simultaneously? I know for me it takes a good 3 days or so to build up a full load but I’m guessing you don’t have that luxury. Do you just have to accept the smaller popshots as a tradeoff for increased output?

    • JD

      My diet defines my output, so if I know I’m shooting often, I stay away from sugar, stay away from alcohol. I drink water and coconut water almost exclusively, adding in zinc, folic acid and the night before a shoot, 1 or 2 heads of celery. Celery + coconut water don’t play well so I cut off coconut water a few hours before celery. If not, upset stomach. The pop shots haven’t gone down, there are other tricks to increase… for example, the night before a shoot, get your cock hard and bring it to 90% of cumming… then full stop. Repeat this the day of a shoot, an hour or two before you need to shoot. When it comes time to release, there’s enough. 😉


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