Bryci’s Secret

Bryci’s Secret is the title for our second DVD.

It will hit the streets in April, I think on April 13th.

‘ll update the date if it changes but the scenes are shot, we’re editing some of the video but it’ll be done this week.

Brycis Secret

This DVD features Alexis Monroe and Jenna J. Ross joining Bryci and myself. We shot more brand new never before seen scenes for this DVD, including one we called Pizza Girl. We went all out for this video, we rented a car so Bryci would be the pizza girl driving the little econobox a pizza girl might drive. She got all done up, pizza bag with pizza, the whole thing.. even went to a guy’s house. All caught in4K of course.

Brycis Secret DVDF copy

(this was almost the cover)

We’re about to take delivery of our first DVD (titled Bryci) shortly here at home so if you want a signed copy – be sure to visit the store if you’d like one!

Some of you have asked about how we release things, where, why etc.

Here’s how it works – Every. single. scene. we ever shoot will *always* go into our member’s site at at some point.

Our members got us here, our website is always priority #1 and will always be.

DVD is simply another arena to venture into with content we are shooting for those that don’t want a site membership. That and it also spreads our reach a little so many that have never heard of us before find us.

We update with two videos per week, both 4K usually. The scenes we shoot for DVD, we shoot and release exclusively on DVD with a small exclusivity window so DVD sites have something never before seen. We will put that same content in our site down the road, usually inside 3 months.

So if you’re a member of any BellaPass site, the content will be in there, but not at the same time it hits streets on DVD.

That doesn’t mean no scenes in the site for 2-3 months, lol, we still release new stuff in the sites as well.

We’re filming like crazy and we love our fans!