Our first DVD is now out for sale!

The words I never would have thought I would type, our first porn dvd is available for sale!  We had BPdvd.com set up so you can buy a copy of the actual DVD, or you can order a signed copy straight from us!

I figure to celebrate the release of this crazy new chapter in our lives, I should share some photos that are on the DVD.. but only some as you’ll need to grab a copy (and there are tons of photos on there).

So, what’s on this DVD?  There are 5 feature videos, two are boy/girl with me and JD, one is a girl/girl strap on with Katie Banks (a first for us both), one is a boy/girl/girl sex video with Aaliyah Love (JD and my first threesome), and the last but not least is a boy/girl/girl POV edging blowjob video with Marley Brinx (Marleys first edging blowjob!).  There is also behind-the-scenes video of all of these, candid photos, and really fun interviews with the girls.  I’m loving it all, and can’t wait to do DVD#2!

So how does it feel? Surreal would be the best word.  Sort of like Christmas excitement, without the decorations and full house.  A little scary, feeling like I’m exposed (as if being online wasn’t exposed), but that excited feeling when you’re about to take a big leap into a new part of life.  I’m excited that I get to do it my way, by my rules, call all the shots and expand my sexual mind while making sure I live each day to the max.  Very fun!

We’d love to hear any suggestions for upcoming videos for our website and DVDs, so please send them over in the comments or tweet to us!

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Want a copy of this DVD? Click here!