A little Alexis


What do I love about doing my website the most? The sex with beautiful women, the many orgasms every week, the open mindedness to my sexuality, the creative outlet… well yes, all those things.  But a NEW thing I love that ranks really highly is getting to meet new girls and make some awesome friends!  Enter in Ms Alexis Monroe.

Alexis was brand spankin’ new to us, we saw her when checking out girls with a few different adult agencies.  She caught our eye, I mean look at her, who’s eye wouldn’t she catch?  I was a little nervous that such a gorgeous girl might have a rank attitude (hey now, we all know the pretty people sometimes have ugly personalities) and I was blown away by how amazingly down to earth and nice she is.  She was the first girl we shot with on our Vegas shootathon, and she set the bar damn high for how much fun we had, how easy it was working together, I didn’t want her to leave!  Fortunately we shot twice with her so our fun lasted all day long.  We shot an interview with her as well as a “what was it like” so that’ll be coming soon!  I’m busy working on the photoset that we did to go along with this video, that’s going to be in bryci.com this week.. along with the matching candids.  Hey, when you have a hottie like this to play with, wouldn’t you try to capture every damn piece of awesome too?

So go enjoy the hot boy-girl-girl threesome video that is now live for Bryci.com members, let us know what you think, and stay tuned for the rest of the goodies this week.