Our afternoon well spent


This is our version of an afternoon well spent.  Honestly we may come across as people with a great sex life, but since getting home from Vegas it has been anything but.  While in Vegas I started feeling pretty shitty, we both did but man was I feeling it.  When we got home I finally hit the doctors office and was told I had strep throat, here is some antibiotics now go home and rest.  It seemed to hang on forever!  Now I’m finally out of the woods, feeling as human as a creep like me can, and our mattress is happy about it.  We brought out a camera for a raw amateur style video so we could forget about all the tech details and just fuck.  It was great!  Definitely what we needed, and JD had a look at the footage and said it turned out really hot, so I’m excited for you all to see it in Bryci.com this week!  I’ll be getting the photos we snapped along the way ready tomorrow to put in the site as well this week.

Afterwards I begrudgingly made another trip to Sephora to try yet another shade of foundation, I actually made it out of there with only one extra goodie in my shopping bag than I anticipated.. but still not the right shade of foundation.  Makeup and I have a love hate relationship, it’s definitely an art and it is an art that I definitely have good and bad days on.  All the same it’s fun to play dress up for photos and videos so it’s an art that I will do my best on 😉

We finally maybe hopefully found some art for the living room.  After moving into our home last year it’s been in a state of “this will do” since then as we always seem to have so much on our plate.  Fortunately this spring it looks like aside from shooting nearly every day for our website, I’ll have time to get my house looking as bad ass rockstar as I can.  I’ve finally figured out that I can’t fit my style into one nicely named decor scheme, so eclectic I will be and bring on the “wtf was she thinking..” comments when you all see my videos.  At least it will be entertaining right?  Colourful too, you can’t forget that.

Never do a leg day at the gym with heavy weights if you’re expecting to “porn fuck” the day after. Bad decision.  Lesson learned.

Time to get back to the land of webcamming, the fanciful world of make believe with pervy happy friends from everywhere.  I do love hanging out with you guys, that’s at the top of our priority list right now.

Sweet dreams loves <3