Getting Back

If you’ve followed me on my other blogs (that are now closed mind you) you know that 2015 was a motherfucker for me and surgery. I had surgery in February 2015 for a hernia and then in October 2015 I had yet another surgery, this time to repair a torn fascia and oh. look. they found SIX MORE HERNIAS. So if you factor in downtime after hernia surgery, you’re out of commission for three to four months each time.

here was my 2015

Jan: Vegas with Bryci. I was in massive pain so we left AVN Expo/Award show early so I could come home and the very next day, wind up in emergency. Hurray.

Feb: Surgery

March: Healing, can barely move. Can’t life more than five pounds or I feel it in my core.

April: Slowly getting better.. but can’t film sex, can’t do much more than heal.

May: I can lift around ten pounds now without my core feeling like it’s going to explode. If I cough, it feels like I pissed off a demon in my stomach and he wants out.

June: starting to feel better. Hey, this was really.. wait….

July: Something isn’t right. I feel broken again inside.. wtf is happening. I see a doctor, they book me in for a specialist to figure out what is up.

August: Waiting for specialist to all and book me in.

September: Fuck this, I am done waiting. I go to the best plastic surgeon in Western Canada for a consult and he takes on my case. He’s going to fix my fascia and figure out what is up. We also went to San Diego to film porn with Aaliyah Love. Work has to continue, that’s what being self employed is.

October: Surgery.

November: WTF. Healing, AGAIN. Six hernias! They installed mesh this time to prevent future hernias.

December: Still healing but we start to plan to go to Vegas in January to film with girls. I’ll be healed and able to shoot by then right? I can’t barely lift ten pounds right now. I’m starting to get worried. We leave for Vegas January 7, 2016.

January 2016: Vegas comes and I can’t fuck. I can’t use my core yet barely and when I try, it hurts.

Doc told me Oct 28th when I had surgery, no fucky fucky for at least three months which would be Jan 28th. Sigh.

February 2016. You are here. 🙂

Yesterday (the 16th), Bryci and I decided to try fucking on film.


Let’s see if my unit works. Let’s see if my core can handle the pressure. Let’s see how much I suck. lol


We fucked. HARD.

I feel 150% better than I did a month ago. Bryci told me her pussy was raw after. I have next to no tolerance to her pussy, once we started going, I barely lasted ten minutes and i was cumming in her pussy. She had told me before we started to film… give me a facial.

I wanted to. I really, really did but nope, my cock was like, you’re not leaving this place (her pussy).


The 4K (as well as 1080p, 720p etc) video goes live later today at btw. If you’re not a member of ours, you’re seriously missing out but hey, I’m biased. 😀

We are finally back to filming scenes! Bryci told me we’re going to get on webcam shortly as well so watch for us on Chaturbate!